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Looking for a new home? We are a residential redeveloper located in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples area of Southwest Florida. What does that mean? We purchase existing homes, some with pools, waterfront lots, or both and renovate them to today’s standards. If you have followed our homes, you will notice we use the latest designs, colors, materials, and technologies to create a new home within an original shell. This gives you the ability to buy a ‘like new’ home within an established neighborhood or community in an area convenient for you.

At Tropic Coast Homes we typically have 4-6 homes under construction. Based on timing, if you find a home we are renovating and would like to pick the final colors or finishes, that is possible with a contract and deposit on the home. If there is an area in one of the cities we operate in, or type of home you would like that we currently do not have available for sale or in construction progress, let us know. We will work to find one that meets your criteria and let you know the price with a fully renovated home. If it meets your criteria, we can move forward and create your vision on your new home!

Please email us for additional information or for updates on current projects. Please visit and complete the form under the tab ‘BUY A HOME’ and state the home would like under ‘Message’. Always feel free to contact us at 239-288-1327 or 239-256-6664.

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