We Work Hard & Aim to Please

When it comes to getting the job done right you know that it is important to work with the right team. Tropic Coast Homes with Eric and Renee are the team to get the job done properly and in a timely manner.
Chris H.
I have known Eric for almost 10 years and one thing that I really admire about him is his honesty. He helped me out with finding a special vehicle that I was looking for. He searched the country to find exactly what I was looking for and within the budgeted price. I know Eric is someone you can count on to follow through and to do what is necessary to be sure you're satisfied.
Vern B.
When it comes to getting the job done right, Eric and Renee are the team you can count on. I have known Eric and Renee for nearly 10 years. They are both trustworthy and very dependable. I served on a volunteer board with Eric and I knew that I could always count on Eric to conduct meetings and lead our group whenever I wasn't available to be there. Renee is a knowledgeable professional and is always helpful, well organized and tenacious when it counts
Phyllis B.
Eric has a strong moral character who treats others with courtesy and respect. His infectious smile and engaging personality to build rapport and trust with others. A true professional.
Jeff B.
I first met Eric Degelau at Madcityvette meeting, we share the love of Corvettes. Eric was voted into the President’s office with Madcityvettes. That is where it became very apparent of the qualities Eric has. There is a remarkably diverse set of personalities among the members. Eric has the ability to deal with all of them without offending anyone. Eric is a highly organized individual. Madcityvettes is involved with several activities with a committee established for each one. Eric has the ability to keep all the committee chairs on task without stepping on the Chairpersons toes. I am a former president of Madcityvettes so I know the challenges of that position. I have to say Eric did a much better job than I
Jack H.
We have known Eric and Renee Degelau for a good number of years from both business and personal relationships. From a business standpoint they have always been receptive to our needs, listened very well and were able to perform a great, satisfactory service each time for us. More importantly, they consistently exceeded our expectations and enriched our needs. From a personal standpoint – this is a wonderful couple who are kind and caring and we are very blessed and proud to know them as our friends.
Ed and Barb S.
Working with Renee, I gained a lot of insight into her work ethic. She is a thoughtful listener, an excellent problem solver and has an eye for detail. I enjoyed working with her professionally as well as building a personal relationship. I would highly recommend Renee for any project.
Brooke N.